Pharmacy is a multi-disciplinary subject composed of all aspects of drugs including its manufacturing, synthesis, quality control and quality assurance, marketing, handling, safety matters, patients care, invention, and public awareness for the rational utilization of drugs, etc. The pharmacist’s task is to ensure that a patient’s drug therapy is appropriately indicated, the most effective available, the safest possible, and convenient for the patient. By taking direct responsibility for individual patient’s medicine-related needs, pharmacists can make a unique contribution to the outcome of drug therapy and to their patients’ quality of life. Bangladesh is a developing country. 
Recently, Bangladesh has been emerged as a drug manufacturer compared to other developing countries of its type. This became only possible because of the pivotal role of the pharmacist. However, the total healthcare system of this country needs yet to develop. Taken into consideration this and to meet up the growing needs of pharmacists in the healthcare system of Bangladesh Department of Pharmacy was established in Mawlana Bhashani Science and Technology University on 3rd May, 2013 by the then Vice Chancellor Professor Dr. Md. Alauddin. The academic activity of the department was started on 3rd May, 2014. 
The Department of Pharmacy has designed the courses for Bachelor of Professional Pharmacy for a 5 years program consisting of 10 semesters with 200 credits to provide time specific adequate knowledge in pharmacy and related fields. To meet up the demand of graduate pharmacists this department has adequate class rooms designed with innovative teaching modalities, well equipped laboratory facilities for conducting research and conferring practical knowledge in different fields of pharmacy, and an up to date seminar library with diversified collection of books. A large number of qualified and experienced faculty members are relentlessly trying to disseminate their knowledge to the students in a congenial environment to produce well skilled graduate pharmacists as global leaders in the different areas of pharmacy. They are also engaged in motivating the students to give their best in extra curriculum activities like sports, cultural, debate, seminars, visit to course relate industries for practical training. 
As the Chairman of Department of Pharmacy I feel proud as “Pharmacy” is not merely a word rather it is a family. Thank you for exploring our website and I hope it will help you your queries. If you need more information please contact with us.

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